Award-winning Civil War Novel

I'm happy to announce that my first novel, Storm Coming, won the  Readers' Favorite Finalist Book Award in the "Christian - Historical Fiction" category for 2018.  I submitted the book in early 2017 for review by Readers' Favorite, which is a major international readers and book award website, and was surprised and delighted when the book received five 5-star reviews. Then when the 4- and 5-star reviews also rolled in from Amazon, I decided to submit the book to Readers' Favorite 2018 Book Award competition, in three categories.The competition gets stiff when you have so many authors and the award rules allow submittals from the big-6 book publishers as well as small and independent publishers.
I really did not expect to win anything. My wife Carol, a contributing editor of the book, insisted I submit to the "Christian - Historical Fiction" category because the book reflects a Christian viewpoint of the Civil War period through the eyes of the two main characters and the moral conflicts they face. These two main characters were real-life people. The challenge to me was to get into their heads    and try to bring to life this Methodist Episcopal minister and a 21-year-old farmer as they try to cope with problems during a time of crisis, when our country almost fell apart and they felt compelled to go to war to try to help hold it together.

You can read more about the awards by clicking this link Reader's Favorite. You can read their reviews of my book and enter a monthly give away to get a free eBook version of my book.


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